Roudybush Handfeeding Formula 5lb

Roudybush Handfeeding Formula 5lb
Item# RBhandformula5lb

Product Description

*TLA uses this!!*

Our Board-Certified Avian Vet recommends this handfeeding formula over any other. We have found that our babies are healthier and happier with this specific formula. It empties out of their crop very well and they have healthy poops! This is what we use!

Notes from our blog: This is the handfeeding formula we use. We used to use Exact Handfeeding formula before we were advised by our vet, Dr. Burkett, that Roudybush formula was way better for babies.

Wow, did we sure notice an immediate change in our babies! We, at first, were puzzled why a few babies in the first clutch we switched over were crying in the middle of the night. We were feeding them the same amount of Roudybush that we had with Exact.

In discussing the change further with Dr. Burkett, we discovered that the babies weren't getting enough food! Why was that? Well, the Exact Handfeeding formula did not digest very well and would stay in the crops for a long time (this can create complications alone). The Roudybush formula was actually digesting and the crop emptying faster!

The babies plumage and health has definitely improved since switching to this formula. We highly recommend it!