Performing Parrots DVD Disc 1

Performing Parrots DVD Disc 1
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This disc features five performing parrots. This video presents a lively and entertaining display of bird tricks, many of which are original. Adding to the entertainment are the distinct personalities of each parrot. Poopsie, a green-cheeked conure, was the first bird Tani extensively trick trained. She is the smallest and also the oldest of the five. Squawk, a blue-crowned conure, actually holds a conversation with Tani, and is probably the most talented of the group. Cassie is a black-headed caique. She is the clown of the show. Video I also introduces Kiri, an African grey and Prince, a crimson-winged parakeet. Since the video was made, Tani also has added Xena, a hawk-headed parrot, and Rikki, a lilac-crowned amazon, to her show.

A word about the Trainer on the videos: Professional animal trainer Tani Robar shares her favorite bird tricks with you in these fun videos. Tani has spent years training performing animals and teaching others to train their animals. She has been acclaimed for her uncanny ability to develop and perfect unique training methods that allow her students to teach their pets an almost unlimited variety of skills and tricks. In 2003 Tani was honored on National Television winning the wild card award on the popular weekly show - PET STAR airing on the Animal Planet network. She also appears and performs worldwide for audiences of all ages.