Lafeber Nutri-Forage

Lafeber Nutri-Forage
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Product Description

Your feathered companion loves to be pampered with a special treat. Animated whistling, singing and even asking for treats is common. Imagine your feathered friend’s eagerness when the treats are made by you.

Nutri-Forage “Pack-N-Snack” provides the “filling” for the treats that you create. Just warm the food and pack it into pasta, a food cup, bird toys or something of your own creation and your bird’s nutritious and foraging snack is ready. Maybe even add a few of your own special ingredients to the snack.

You can feel confident about the treat you made because Nutri-Forage provides nutrition necessary for good health. It is Omega 3&6 balanced, made with stabilized vitamins and chelated minerals for excellent absorption, and 31% of the food is made with nutritional pellets.

Veterinary recommended because Nutri-Forage provides valuable enrichment and excellent nutrition.

Nutrition you can trust. All Lafeber products are made in the USA on Dr. Lafeber’s Great- Grandfather’s farm in the Illinois countryside. Dr. Lafeber is a second generation avian veterinarian who shares his home with parrots, cockatoos and macaws. His loved companions eat the same Lafeber foods that your bird enjoys.