Full-Spectrum Lighting for Birds

Full-Spectrum Lighting for Birds
Are your birds' feathers looking dull and lack luster? Have your birds lost some of the energy they once had? It could be due to a lack of proper lighting.

While there are many risks to taking your birds outside into direct sunlight, having the appropriate exposure to UVA and UVB rays is important for the physical and psychological health of your bird.

UVB enables birds to synthesize vitamin D3 for proper calcium metabolism which is necessary for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones, and egg production. UVA is visible to birds, enabling them to recognize mates, locate food, and identify different species. Without UVA, birds are essentially colorblind!

Full Spectrum lighting allows bird keepers to provide their birds with true full spectrum light, including UVB and UVA, just like they get in nature!

Did you know that having your birds in front of a window isn't enough? The glass in your window actually filters out those vital rays of light.

So how does light ultimately influence the physical and mental well-being of your bird?
Having the appropriate amount of light can help determine the best sleep cycle for your bird. A bird who gets restful sleep is more likely to have a healthy immune system, less fatigue, and less stress. For non-breeding birds, they need 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness for sleeping.
As the amount of day light changes, it dictates various metabolic processes and triggers various physical and behavioral changes including breeding, molting, migrating, sleeping patterns and other daily behavior.

While natural sunlight is best when it is safe and practical, the best alternative is to provide your bird with full-spectrum lighting indoors.