The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots by Leslie Morán

The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots by Leslie Morán
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The most comprehensive guide available - Nutritional and health benefits - Personal and global significance of buying organic - Sprout germination and care - Start improving the quality of your life - and the life of the birds you care for today!

This is the most comprehensive guide available describing all aspects of sprouting. It details their nutritional and healthful benefits, while clarifying the personal and global significance of supporting organic agriculture. Complete directions teach the reader how to germinate and care for a wide assortment of sproutable foods in a variety of climates. New methods for successfully introducing sprouts to birds of all types, feature's the author's result producing techniques. Morán is skilled in teaching others how to create the positive behaviors they desire in their animal companions. The information in this book has been thoroughly researched, is clearly written, and abundant resources are present in the appendices. This book will help you easily adopt straightforward practices that can have a huge impact on improving the quality of your life, and the life of the birds you love and care for.


Feeding Sprouts verses Soaked Seeds
When any seed, nut grain or legume is germinated - and allowed to grow - this is described as sprouting. During the sprouting process the entire chemical composition changes. Soaking initiates germination. For the sprouting blend to develop its maximum level of nutrition the general rule is that it must be allowed to grow for at least two to three days. During this time vitamins are generated, proteins present are broken down into their basic amino acids, minerals become chelated making them easier to assimilate, starches are converted into simple sugars, and fats are transformed into water soluble fatty acid components. This two to three day growing process is what enhances the digestibility and peak nutrition of the sprouting blend. During this sprout growing process life enhancing enzymes are created. These enzymes induce hundreds of thousands of biochemical processes in the body and facilitate digestion. There are a few exceptions to this sprouting process guideline. Read about them in "The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots".