Cajeput Perches

Cajeput Perches
**Cajeput Perches/Items have been discontinued until we can find another supplier! So sorry for the inconvenience!**

Cajeput Perch Information

The cajeput tree (cage-e-put) is also known as the paperbark tree due to itís soft, layered outer bark.
  • Gentle & comfortable natural perch for birdís feet
  • Very hard, longlasting wood core
  • Fun, shreddable outer bark that birds love to chew
  • The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical qualities of the oil in the bark will help to keep birds healthy

  • Cajeput perches have a chewy outer layer and an inner layer that is very hard wood.

    Cajeput is grown in Australia, Asia and Florida.

    Perch is attached to cage with two cajeput discs.