FiberCore Eco-Foraging Pak

FiberCore Eco-Foraging Pak
Item# FCecoforagingpak

Product Description

Includes 6 SafeĖChew Paks
  • 3- Small
  • 2- Medium
  • 1-Large

  • Unique foraging holes encourages activity. Use with food, treats, and toys. Boxes come pre-loaded with Eco-Nest Ė an environmentally safe non-toxic paper product

    Push dry foods or other fun items into different locations in the Eco-Forage Pak.

    You might try your birdís special treats or its normal dry food, as birds in the wild work to get their daily diet.

    Place in their cage, or on their foraging tree or play stand to enrich your birdís day.

    The Eco-Foraging Pak encourages your birdís natural instinct to forage for food.

    Eco-Foraging Pak keeps your bird happy and occupied, while developing foraging skills and can help to increase activity and improve quality of life.